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Chenango-Hills Brigantia 3*M 11*D (!!!!) Height: 19 3/4" 10/30/14

LA 8/9/13 87 V V E V

TOP TEN DHIA-AGS, Fat and Protein, Lactation ending in 2014.

Goddess' daughter by *B Chenango-Hills Osirius, (a Gorda x Tom Thumb son) she is an attractive doe with a gorgeous udder. Her paternal grand dam, Gorda, was a breed leader for protein with a LA of 90; (E in mammary). And everyone knows what her dam,Goddess, is.

2012-2013 lactation DHIA record- 295 days, 793 milk, 57 fat --7.2%, 38 pro. --4.8%.

2013-2014 lactation (still in progress), at 305d, 958m,70 bf 7.3%, 44 pro--4.7%.

At 597 d. over 1550 m, bf. (7.4%), pro. (5.0%) and still milking.

As a dry yearling she was 1st in 5 out of 5 shows, and 3 times was Junior Champion.

As a senior, frequently RGCH to herd mates, -but not yet GCH.

In 2013 she was again Reserve Grand Champion, at Walton to our Lillibelle. First place Aged Doe, at Cobleskill and Walton, 2014.DHIA: Finally dry at 642 da. 1574 lb m. 117 lb f, 7.4%, 78 lb p. 5.0%.

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