FOR SALE
                                              PLEASE CHECK THE KIDDING SCHEDULE
All of our goats are healthy when they leave the farm.  It is impossible for us to control
what happens once they leave here. Stress can cause an animal to become ill or die.  Once they leave the farm you become responsible for their health and well being.  Please take care to provide your new pet with the proper housing, food, water and companionship.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions about care, no question will be considered silly.  We want you and our babies to have a great life together.  We reserve the right to retain any animal from any breeding.
To reserve a kid on the ground a deposit of half the price is required and the balance in cash due at apx 8 weeks ,before the kid leaves.  No returns of deposits.
After 8 weeks there is a charge of 4.00 per day and after 30 days all deposits will be forfeited and kid placed up for sale.  thank you for understanding.

                                   susan 803-645-8382  susaniam@earthlink.net

All goats are sold with a first right of refusal.  This means that if you decide that you are not going to personally keep one of our goats for any reason you will first offer the buck or doe to us.  By purchasing a goat from us you are agreeing to these terms.



BUCKLING  3-7-2020   400

Sire: Lil carolina Kids Say Sequoia (old mountain farm Sayomis x Chenango-Hills pv zinnia)

Dam: Lil Carolina kids Sanoma (old mountain farm life o riley x Chenango-Hills zinnia)